Proxmox Management Advice

Thanks for a great article. Do you have any advice for…

  • Managing SMB file shares for Windows users?
  • Managing snopshots and rolling back data to recover data when users go crazy with the delete button.

FeeNAS handles these things well, it would be great to have an idea of the process on the command line

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Moved your reply to a new thread, since the last post was over 9 months old.


Depends how are creating the share… are you creating a windows VM to export the share or a linux vm/container and using samba?

Unless you are trying to export samba from the promox host itself… which is kinda weird way to do it when proxmox is more so designed to be a virtualization host foremost.

IMO… if you want CIFS… create a Windows server VM. CIFS is native on windows… it be less headache if you are working with a Windows environment.


Thanks so much, that does really help answer one big thing - where do I configure the shares? I was initially thinking within a SambaConfig file on Proxmox, but I can see it makes much more sense to handle the shares within a VM/Container.

I would prefer to handle the shares in a Linux LXC Container due to relatively modest resources on the host and not wanting to shell out for a Windows license, so I think I would look at Turnkey Fileserver to tie these things together.

What about ZFS Management itself?

Are there any convenient ways to handle snapshots, or would this all need to be handled using the command line directly on the Proxmox box?

I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve heard good things about TurnKey Linux. You can install the File Server as an LXC in Proxmox and have a great web administration for CIFS/SMB shares and users. Just mount the directory in the container. The config is already done and it’s kept up to date daily with security updates. TurnKey Linux. My only complaint is TurnKey is still running on Debian 8 Jessie

Personally, I prefer to play and setup LXCs and VMs from scratch myself, you could alos setup a Debian LXC with CIFS and Webmin for administration. You’d have more control and the latest Stable Debian that way.

I prefer Debian for LXCs on Proxmox. Small, Stable and Secure!


I know this is an old post but I just came across it and new to Proxmox. I’m following the steps to step up a fresh install and got to the point where you make the directory’s in the zfs pools. When i try to make one I get “mkdir: cannot create directory ‘storage/share/Software’: No such file or directory”

Did all this:
zfs create storage/share
zfs create storage/share/iso
zfs create storage/share/downloads
zfs set quota=1000G storage/share/downloads
zfs create storage/vmstorage
zfs create storage/vmstorage/limited
zfs set quota=1000G storage/vmstorage/limited
zfs list
zpool status
zpool iostat -v

ls /storage
ls /storage/share
mkdir storage/share/Software

What could I be missing?

If you are sure it’s mounted…

Put / in front of the top level directory storage.

Mkdir /storage/share/software