Proxmox IP Allocations (& Drives)

So I thought I'd give proxmox a run. (Currently running Proxmox v4)

I've currently got it installed on a server. (E3-1230v2, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB SSD, 500GB HDD, /29 IPv4)
Since my the data centre I use does not have proxmox on their supported list, they performed a best effort install.

I'm attempting to assign more than 1 IP to the machine, it has a /29 subnet allocated (107.X.XXX.122 - 107.X.XXX.126).
I'm fairly sure this is an easy process however I cannot remember the previous configuration I used, on my windows server in order to setup the IPs.

Any recommendations on what to do? I can't seem to find any online resources that will help.

I requested the OS to be installed on the HDD and the server also has a 120GB SSD, however it appears to only have 317GB disk space usable, with a 500GB HDD installed.
They've also mounted the SSD as /SSD (For reference)

Anyone have any thoughts on the drive allocation?

Or would it be best to get a KVM connect and manually install the server again?


As for the networking. How many physical NICs does your server have? Proxmos assigns the physical nics to a br device.

1IP for br0 interface (proxmox management)

and each VM than gets its own IP from inside the VM

SSH into proxmox and check the LVMs. Proxmox default setup uses LVMs

They've also mounted the SSD as /SSD (For reference)

I am actually not shure what advantage the SSD might have for that setup... maybe if you run a DB server.. but its virtual disk(s) onto the SSD.