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Proxmox hardware guidance (storage)


Compnent Specs
CPU: Xeon E3 1246 3.5ghz
Motherboard Supermicro X10SLL-F
Memory: 16GB ECC Kingston KVR13E9K2/16I
Storage: WD blue 1TB, WD red 2TB
Operating System: ProxmoxVE 5.2

I’m jumping into the “not-windows” computer pool trying to learn to swim. I’m looking for advice on how to best use what i’ve got on hand. I’d like to set up a proxmox server so I get familiar with linux via different projects.

In proxmox I’d like to set up a camera server using Zoneminder. Nothing crazy 2-3 cameras but the ability to expand it in the future. I also intend to host winserver 2016 and others.

How can I best use the 2 drives that i have?

Another option i have is 3 2TB seagates (not sure which product) that are in a z1pool in my freenas. I hesitate to use these because i dont have a lot of confidence in their health. Nothing has happened to them yet but i made some poor choices in setting up. For one i installed my plex jail on that volume, from what i understand that means the drives have constantly been spinning for years now. The PSU had issues only one set of sata connectors worked, i dont know what else may have been wrong with it. They have also spent last week operating at 110F as i forgot to plug in my fan hub.



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