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Proxmox, freenas from disk to hba pass-through?

hey guys,

I’m Dennis and I’m new on this forum.
Currently I have running a proxmox server with dual xeon e5-2680v2, 256Gb ram and plenty of storage (plenty for me).

I also have freenas running on that server and currently the disks are passed through directly by using “disk by-id”
The disks are all connected to a HBA which isn’t something manageable like in enterprise servers.

Everything is working well, but how do I change the disk by id to just passing through the PCI-e device? Because when I try to it just shows up no drives.

  • What are the advantages of the pci-e device against loose disks?
  • Is there any at all?
  • Does it fix my smart values inside freenas
  • Also… does it fix the hotplug function which my drive bays has?

Lots of questions I know! But thanks in common!
Cheers :smile: