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Proxmox basics

Hello, I’m trying to switch over to proxmox but I’m having little issue. I have one of my drives with lvm (vg externalDrives, lv srvStorage) and installed first container with debian+emby template thingy, so I don’t know how to add my mentioned lv “srvStorage” as mountable disk in the container.

on proxmox

[email protected]:~# lvdisplay
— Logical volume —
LV Path /dev/externalDrives/srvStorage
LV Name srvStorage
VG Name externalDrives
LV UUID 3Y83bf-IKMb-k82s-X44R-u1uq-C1ce-WPsHHS
LV Write Access read/write
LV Creation host, time home-server, 2018-08-22 19:42:36 +0200
LV Status available
open 1
LV Size 298.00 GiB
Current LE 76288
Segments 1
Allocation inherit
Read ahead sectors auto
currently set to 256
Block device 253:0

sdc 8:32 0 298.1G 0 disk
└─sdc1 8:33 0 298.1G 0 part
├─externalDrives-srvStorage 253:0 0 298G 0 lvm /mnt/srvstorage

in the container

[email protected] ~# lvdisplay
[email protected] ~# lsblk
sda 8:0 0 74.5G 0 disk
|-sda1 8:1 1M 0 part
|-sda2 8:2 0 256M 0 part
-sda3 8:3 0 74.3G 0 part sdb 8:16 0 37.3G 0 disk sdc 8:32 0 298.1G 0 disk-sdc1 8:33 0 298.1G 0 part
[email protected] ~# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/pve-vm–100–disk–1 8191416 1381764 6373840 18% /
none 492 0 492 0% /dev
tmpfs 1964344 0 1964344 0% /dev/shm
tmpfs 1964344 8508 1955836 1% /run
tmpfs 5120 0 5120 0% /run/lock
tmpfs 1964344 0 1964344 0% /sys/fs/cgroup

@SgtAwesomesauce pls help :wink:

If you want to pass raw devices in a VM on proxmox. You have to edit the conf via terminal. The GUI won’t let you.

Not sure about containers on prox… Haven’t played with those on prox.

how do you manage to acess the storage then? create nfs share so acess from it?

Or maybe mount it on host and bind it?

i have it mounted on host

Not familiar with containers on proxmox. Only docker… So I can’t be of much more help sorry

Haven’t used proxmox, but with LXD it’s very simple to pass a device through to the container. You don’t worry about mounting raw devices, as you need to setup cgroups or set the container privileged for that, you just pass the device through from the host.

lxc config device add containername devicename disk source=/media/NAS path=/NAS

@SgtAwesomesauce here the topic continues, hopefully at this moment am just curious about the storage in general, what is the normal way to use it:
I am using node’s mounted storage to share it with nfs
is it better to wipe all storage and use one vm as nfs/samba server?
is there a way to transfer current lvm to in vm lvm or perhaps shall i use zfs?
(edit: node’s nfs share to vms work and vm->vm works )

Best way is let the host manage the surface to the Linux container. I have my elbow server set up in a container and the use a bind mount to pass the path to the container. I have the link around someone but if you search for proxmox and bind mount, it will direct you to the right place. TLDR you don’t the drive to the host and pass the path to the container in the terminal config.