Proxmox and VMWare Horizon Client self signed SSL?

Hey guys!

So I am playing around with proxmox, and I want to run a VM to my phone, and (If there is a better one please tell me) I am using VMWare Horizon Client as the vm client on the phone, however when I add proxmox's ip address to it, the client says it cannot allow it saying it is a ssl error. This would be because proxmox self serves ssl certs, is there anyway I can fix / bypass this?

-The Burrito

I'll take a look, but I do not believe that the two are compatible with each other.

I don't think it is too much a SSL cert issue but more the fact that it may be doing a check to see what machine is delivering the cert is.

EDIT: What exactly are you looking to do with the client on your phone? Manage VMs, connect to them, etc???

just connect to it like I would say with virtual box and a local vm

As most of Proxmox's connectivity comes through the web interface, just connect like you would any other site.
However, proxmox does have a mobile specific interface (which is.... shit) which displays basic information. If on an android phone, you can just request the desktop version of the site and use it like you would on a desktop.

It isn't the cleanest solution, but it works.

yeah ok righto thanks mate