A new free encrypted mail platform just came out of beta, and was just released to the public today. Servers are located in Switzerland... with end to end encryption. The layout looks classic, and simple to use. Anyone have any experiences with it yet... good or bad?


I've been using it for about 10 months. It's perfectly fine. The only gripe i have is that you don't have folders. You label messages and archive them.

oh that's cool. i too have had an account for a bit.
haven't really been using but i plan on to now.
it's about time i can get an android app or that it's open to everyone.

I've been waiting for this. I was a beta user, but now I can enjoy it on android too.


I'm surprised they didn't push out an email about this. I've been waiting for the app for a while :P

Damn, just came here to post about this.

Excited it's out of Beta!!

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One thing that I found that's rather low is that a signature is required for the mobile app, unless you upgrade your account. That's kind of low... Then again, I don't send that much email. I'll just have to remember to send it from a computer instead.

On the other hand, there are some nice customization options, for instance, what action to perform on swiping in different directions.


Protonmail is (almost) a good candidate when it comes to E2EE; using it for 10+ months now..
But there are some other remarkable players as well, that does everything on the client-side and truly provides end-to-end encryption (which by far is the only way that can ensure one’s online data confidentiality and integrity during transit).
Following are three of those outstanding services. (a pure end-to-end encryption service – that does not only provide confidentiality and integrity but also authentication via the capability of digital signatures, based on OpenPGP – it provides user full control over their keys and does it all in a very user-friendly manner) (another nice end-to-end service – that provides great reliability and hot features like disposable email addresses etc, based on OpenPGP and has a nice descriptive interface) (one of the most famous group of people who are not only providing great privacy solutions, but also helping like-minded people to grasp their OpenPGP understanding in a better and effective manner)
Now, the ultimate tool when it comes to OpenPGP and end-to-end encryption – is always have been GnuPG, though the reason it never really get lifted up is due to its complexity in terms of usability from a typical user standpoint (however, implementations like Gpg4Win, GPGSuite, Seahorse does come in handy).
Nevertheless, its a matter of personal preference and the extent to which one understand end-to-end encryption technologies (OpenPGP, S/MIME etc, which most of the people don’t) – that unfortunately contributes in the rightness and wrongness of their online privacy decisions.