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Protonmail hacked; servers intentionally misconfigured -- Or not?



A better way to put it is that protonmail will protect the data on their servers with the technolofy they use to the extent of the laws in Switzerland (which are generally good).

The goal of protonmail is general user privacy of their email, not the protection of criminal acts.


That’s the more important thing. I constantly see people mixing this up in regards to privacy.


Very possible, thats usually a case of updating encryption as we go though as well.

On a side note, its interseting if you look at those who complain about being locked out of their protonmail accounts, and almost all have a tendancy to leave out that teeny tiny little bit of information thats “oh yeah and i was running a crypto scam using 20 proton addresses” or " oh yeah… i am friends with that drug lord who i bought crypto from knowing it was dirty"


I’m not really following protonmail that much because frankly, I’m not concerned with it.

You’d be surprised how bad that is IRL out here in California.


I have never even heard of some of these conspiracy theories :joy: