Hey guys I am almost done with a website I have been working on over break. I dont know when I will have it complete fully. I need two more features for it and then it will be complete. I might be able to add one of those tomorrow and then another by a friend of mine. After that I need a logo that if anybody wants to provide I would be thankful. My graphics artist guy disappeared off the face of the earth so I still dont have a logo. I am hoping for a circular shaped one with like a shovel and pickax. will be a site about posting and searching for like scrap metal and scrap electronics or even biological stuff like bee hives out in the wild. After the remaining features are added and a little more polish and testing I will be starting the website and will be looking for some beta testers. Its one of my first websites so dont expect super high polish but during certain periods of time I can work on it. I am a college student so when school work starts picking up I cant do much but during Spring break or a code jam coming up and some this week.

Let me know if any of you would be interested in giving it a shot when I am done and giving feedback in this thread. Also like I mentioned I would be interested in a logo that would represent the site very well.It would have a shovel and a pickax on it.

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It doesn't seem to load...

Also whats it written in?

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doesn't load... and no link given in post... have to copy and paste from title.

I am disappointed.

No lol the site is not up yet, I was saying that it is almost ready to go lol

I was just wondering if anybody would be interested in the near future and looking for a logo because my graphics artist guy disappeared.

I wrote it with Node.js, doing a little work everyday.

We got started on the map functionality