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Pros WS WRX80E-Sage RAM options

I have been advised that this motherboard can only take memory kits that are officially JEDEC standard 3,200 MHz as it does not support XMP etc.

I live in Canada and have looked and cannot find any to buy? Can someone point me in the right direction or figue out how to get my ram to 3200 from 2166 on this motherboard:) ASUS has been of no help at this point…


Did you look at the ASUS QVL for the board? I think this is your board:

Although I admit I tried Google search for three different part numbers and the Amazon links were all marked “out of stock” so buying it may be tricky.

I found this one on newegg:

When you search for KSM32ED8 (one of the kingston 32gig modules on that spec sheet) on that one comes up.

Does it look good?

I also checked on the kingston website and this ram is specced for the board. The only problem is I cannot find the actual model on the description