Pros/cons of an i7 8700 vs i7 8700k vs i7 9700k on iMac build

So I got a base model early 2019 iMac with an 8th gen i3 3.6ghz cpu and the price was good but the specs are kind of lack luster so I’m planning on cracking it open installing 32 gigs of ram, an ssd to replace the garbage hard drive that comes with it, perhaps even an pcie ssd if I can find the part that apple conveniently removed off the base model for whatever stupid reason, (i’ll just have to solder it on) but most importantly a new cpu is needed and I was wondering what’s the full extent that I could take this machine without completely destroying it and shooting myself in the foot financially
these are the specs and pretty certain that power and cooling will be some of my biggest issues. Some sage advice would be most appreciated

I’m not sure what your plan is for cooling that 8700 or 9700. Because its pretty obvious that Apple didn’t plan for anything more than 50W in this case.

Did you check if this custom mobo bios even supports anything else, than Apple “deems right”?

If I had this, then I would just use it to remote to real box.
Or I would strap HDMI with EDP to it and just use it as monitor for another machine (assuming that display panel adheres to standards, but with Apple, who knows…).

Because display is the only thing that’s worth preserving about this device.

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8700 Std. vs K, is mainly a base frequency bump, with a higher TDP [out of box install]. Having a K chip, would allow for adjustments / OCing – But we’re talking about an iMac, so system thermals could be put to strain, with relative ease… I wouldn’t place that upgrade, that high of priority

9700K = another rehashed 14nm, running up system thermostat, while taking away HT [absolutely NOT worth it]

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You know, if you prefer running MacOS [for what reason(s)] I’d say your best option would be to ditch the iMac & maybe go Hackintosh if you’re willing to put in all the work. But if you DO need to do some upgrades to the iMac & can’t get rid of it yet, I would at least swap the CPU for the i7-8700 (non-K) if you can find it. Haven’t had a TON of experience with Apple-based machines, but this is the best I can do as I’m more of a Windows type of guy. :man_shrugging:t2: But there are other options out there… Hope I was of some help! :slight_smile:

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