Properly moving to linux, graphics drivers question


On numerous occasions I have loaded up ubuntu for the fun of it but this time I wiped my windows partition and deciding to go all in. Just one question about the drivers, I am using an r9 270 and its currently using the radeon open source drivers. Now going through the fireside video on level one linux, Wendell checks addtional drivers and installs fglrx-updates. However when I go to additional drivers the graphics drivers do not list. Steam the program is working fine on the open source drivers, haven't tried dota 2 yet but should I keep open source or download the fglrx drivers from the command line?

fglrx is not being maintained upstream. Would not reccomend using these.

I mean flgrx-updates, are they both not being maintained?

AMD has been transitioning their kernel driver from the closed-source fglrx to the open-source AMDGPU driver that was announced last year. This forms the base that both closed and open user-mode drivers will utilize. For the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Canonical has decided to deprecate fglrx and remove it from the system upon upgrade. Users can then choose to install an AMDGPU-based one, or reinstall the Radeon driver. That will need to be done without Canonical's support, though.

And take a read here.

From the arch page:

After a brief return they were dropped again in April 2013 and they have not returned since.

So yeah. Stick with the open source.

Ok Cheers