Proper Amazon Price Analysis for HUGE Savings

I just thought I would share this information with the community, because so far it has helped me to save as much as 45% on some items through Amazon. To be very specific the last item I purchased was a Samsung 830 128 GB SSD for $70.00 NEW. This is not a bad deal huh?

The reason I knew it would drop this low (and kept my eye on it) is that I did my research at , while it is a weird-sounding website...they will save you TONS of money.

Have a look at the graph for the Samsung 830 128 GB SSD:

I only use the websites for graphs, I don't run through their affiliate links. And for the record I have NOTHING to do with this website, I am just trying to help others take advantage of price fluctuations.


sounds like a commercial talk

...I was just trying to help everyone save some cash when they go to build. I bought that SSD at more than 45% off, and I thought it was a cool thing. I suppose any time someone brings up money they are jumped on (even when they are trying to help).

Anyway I won't make the mistake of bringing up such things again. Thanks for correcting my indiscretion, bald.