Pronouncing Zweihänder

Hey I was watching the Tek recently and I wondered how do you (Logan) want us to pronounce Zweihänder? 

I'm from Germany and the original Zweihänder is pronounced much sharper than the way you do "Sweihandr".


Anyway, hope that isn't to offtopic. 

Well, I don't have the accent... but I try to say it correctly. I would prefer that it was pronounced the way you say it as well.

tsz-why-hand-r (with "why" and "hand" pronounced like the English words). "s" is pronounced as "z" in German, and the german "z" sounds like "ts" or "tsz".

I assumed it was "Sveihandr," but then again, I do live in a Dutch area.

Wouldn't the "a" be tall, though, as opposed to the American dipthong?

It's not an "a", it's an "ä", which is like in "hand" with the Ugliest American accent I guess lolz.

You're right though that the "w" is harder than the dutch "w", which is very soft, but then in English, "Wh" is an aspirated "w", so that compensates in that particular combination of letters, well, sort of lol, it'll always be audible. It's not a "v" though, the "w" is German is much softer than a Dutch "v", and in fact, the German "v" is much softer again, like a Dutch "f" almost.

It's all not that important though, half of Germany can't pronounce it right either, and those who care, do that to themselves lol. Only a minority of Germans use Hochdeutsch in daily life. Logan doesn't screw the pronunciation of "Zweihänder" up half as much as the average German Swiss lol.