pRon stars TF2 Pub

The day is getting closer and closer when I shall have my server ready. Either at the end of this month or half way through next month. So I was curious to what maps everyone seems to enjoy. I personally like Gold Rush, 2fort, Fastlane and Convoy. It's gonna be 20/24 man slot maybe with some ventrilo. Non clan for now, but I'm thinking about scrims once or twice a week perhaps. But for the most part just pub fun where you don't need to be the best. Lastly the name pRon stars of course comes from my steam name .clown.pRon.*, which shouldn't be hard to figure out why I thought of such things. And by such things I mean the server name, clownpRon itself just wasn't taken at the time some years ago so I said why not.

If theres few players: 2fort without intel capping

Many people:





May I suggest if you are going to buy a server you use Instinct Servers?

I know I'm a tool. But the thing is Instinct I actually support... Very cheap and since there is hardly anyone that uses them as opposed to like... Gameservers, it's like Dedicated server quality. Perfect reg and the owners can help with anything you'll ever need.

well I'd probably emd up going 24/7 2fort then having rtv or just changing the map when I feel like it.

gold rush is my favorite...random but w/e

i really haven't played much maps outside of the usual gold rush and 2fort, since i just follow friends. but, i'm down for any map.

kokun... when are you usually on?


Danny wrote 2 minutes ago »

kokun... when are you usually on?

only whenever someone on my buddylist is on lol

oh ok well i would enjoy playing with you guys so let me know when your on ... i must warn you a noob

doesn't matter who sucks and what not, it's just fun playing with everyone. make sure you have a mic too

im savin up 4 a mic but im fuckin broke.. i just bought an 815 dollar computer with 700

Just add us on steam and you can join us when we play : )

i already have you on steam sli.... kokun.. is your steam name kokun as well ?

naw it's AmaseroSan. and i got the steelseries 4H headsets for only $30, well worth it.

il check it out...sending invitation...

aight, i'll accept it once i get it. stylez and another friend of mine is on TF2, so i'ma go hop on and play for a bit.


I am a fan of gravel pit... and 2fort.

2Fort and Gold Rush seem to be classic.