Project Mutation

Hey folks, I wanted to share my scratch build with you as it progresses, this is my first scratch case build so we will see how it turns out! So far I have the frame completed and most of the aluminum plates to mount hardware on. The hardware will come from my old editing rig, so it is going to be an X58 build. If I can scrounge up some money for skylake, I would love to build with the titanium Xpower, but this machine games like a champ with the GTX980.

Big thanks to my sponsors for this build. Fractal design has provided 7 Venturi series fans, and Primochill has sent out the res, pump, fittings, and tubing. They really made the build possible, and their contributions are allowing me to take it to the next level

PC specs will be:
Intel Core i7 950
Asus Rampage III Extreme
24GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600Mhz
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB x2 (RAID 0)
OCZ Agility 3 256GB
Silverston SFX-600


Not really a build update but I got this 3 axis cnc router to help with the parts, as well as other things

Finally made a video to show some of the progress I have made with the build. This one is slow going, but thats ok with me. I have been taking my time in between jobs and other stuff.

This one is all about the aluminum

Trying to decide between open or closed cable combs. These I milled today with a 1/16th end mill

Heres an earlier attempt with an 1/8" cutter. much worse but you get the idea of how it would look, with less space to the sides of the holes

A little more progress. have the pump and res in. and a whole lot of led's to illuminate the build. These are darksidemods UV and white strips

Res installed through the floor panel

This looks absolutely amazing

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Thanks, glad you like it so far

Starting to finally come together!
Next up is wiring and lighting, then I will make the exterior panels

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