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[Project] Make the XPS 15 less on fire (Heatsink Mod)


Coming along quickly it seems


Thought I’d see how ridiculous online companies would be. We have a winner.

Also advertised as a UK company, but’s actually in the US.


Looking forward to seeing this thread develop


One of my mates might be able to CNC the block for me at his work. I will owe many pints.

I’ve sent them the drawings, and they’re going to try and do it in aluminium first, before using my copper.


I see, alcoholic beverages are also accepted currency for craftsmen on the Isles.

lifts glass



Right. I can get it CNC’d at my mate’s work, but they don’t have a 3mm bit. To get around this, I’ve widened the holes to 4mm diameter, and I’ve ordered some M2.5 x 4mm outer diameter nylon bushing. The plan is to cut the bushing to the thickness of the copper (and take a bit off the diameter), and sandwich it between two washers, one either side of the block. As this will rely on my measurements of the mounting holes being spot on, failing this, I could sandwich the spring that I have instead (OD 3.15mm), which give a bit more wiggle room.

Edit: Also taken off the top right corner, which wasn’t covering any components. Going to play with the holes and slots to strengthen them up a bit.

Edit 2: What I’m hoping is the final design.


Solder paste and washers turned up. Just waiting on my mate now for the prototype version. Has to do it in his lunch breaks, so I’m not rushing him.