[Project] MacBook Pro 2018 15" w/ Linux Fedora

Just wanted to start an article so I can report as I progress through getting Linux Fedora stable on my MacBook Pro 2018. This thing has some serious power, and I feel as if it is wasted on MacOS.

p.s This device was provided to me by my University for research and does belong to me, but I did not pay the outrageous amount of money for it.


I don’t think its possible. The T2 chip makes it impossible last I heard. But let us know anyways! Maybe you’ll get some weird boot output.

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Yeah, I have heard rumors that there may be some work arounds.


May the force be with you


After many attempted solutions, it seems Apple has patched every method for getting around the T2 encryption chip. So, it looks like there will not be Linux on this aluminum chunk of garbage. lol.

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