Project : I AM IRON MAN

this build is amazing mate, mad props!

Got some more work done today!

First off the replacement pump came in

Stripped down and ready to have the wires replaced.

New wires soldered on, pump is alive!!

Also got this guy... Time for some custom decals/masking!

Masking for the next coat of paint on the floor is done... Waiting another 24 hours before I can paint again.

Sorry corsair... I love you guys, but this is an iron man build... and you're not very Iron man-ey...

Cutting time... It's fascinating to watch this thing work...

And here's the final result...

Going to do a coat of paint for the floor tomorrow... Can't wait to get my panels back to see how it's all coming together.


Very nice!

I didn't even know such cutting machines for home users existed - the possibilities!^^

You should definately make a video!

Very nice! Is the Cameo worth the price tag though?

From my research the Cricut can only do stuff from the OEM's web store. Basically it's something my wife can use for her artsy fartsy stuff, and I can do awesome stuff like this. The local shop wanted $15 per graphic to do stuff like these PSU panels, so from that perspective it's totally worth the cost (there's going to be at least 4 graphics needed just for this mod, and several more for my wife's mod after this one)

It can do CF Vinyl too, so I have a cool project in mind on my subaru to make the dials match the rest of the dash.

For me? The cost was worth it, if you need 1 graphic done? Well... Shoot me a PM and We can work something out I guess.

Took a peek inside of my high end spray booth this morning (Popcorn box)

The color turned out good, but I really hate working with gloss paints...

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Floor is good to go. After a ton of polishing I got rid of all that orange peel

Removed the masking

And got it installed.


I will look into getting one for future mods. I can already see a ton of stuff to use one for so I will probably get one. Is the quality of it as good as it looks? Thanks for the offer though :)

Looks good, does the colour of the radiator and the PSU cover match?

It's not exact, but it's close enough that you don't notice. Here's a closeup of one of the decals I made with the cutter, it's on a 5.25 bay cover for scale.

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That's really nice! I will be picking one up once I get into modding :)

Looks fantastic - fittings + gloss are slick.

A wild package appeared!!


Panel shots!!

Lets get these puppies on the machine!!

MMM.... I'm liking this.. .

Lets move this outside...

Booty shots!

Side panel where the big artwork is going.

Our lawn is horrible at our apartment complex...

Artsy Shot

Loving the hinged doors

Show off the fans too...

So I'm not sure how I feel about the case red next to the painted parts inside... I'll give it a couple days before I decide... I like the contrast because the inside of the case really pops.... I'll just wait until I get the machining done for the larger window and the graphics done... then I'll make my decision...

As always... Gimmie some feedback!!


It's a double update day today!

Masked off the window shape.

My new dremel cutter made quick work of roughing out the window.

and here it is after lots of filing. Nice clean edges, but the anodizing is gone... There's a plan for that.

I totally eyeballed this. Gotta get some more gold on this thing.

Sprayed down.

Window was super easy to install, so there's no progress pics of that, but its in.Here's the back, you can see that I used the existing screw posts and then just glued the corners down with builders adhesive.

I cleaned up a little bit of over spray that leaked under the masking with Goof Off... Here's the final result.

The new window shows off everything really nicely.

there probably won't be any updates for a little bit while I source some parts and find someone with a water jet cutter and a CNC engraver.

As always if you want to know or see anything just let me know!


Needs more Gold!

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Am I doing it right?


I'm taking a straw poll quickly. So I went to the Hardware store and found another possible paint color. Here's both colors inside the case with decent lighting so you can see each one.

The choices are satin for the new color, or stick with the gloss. Right now I'm leaning towards the gloss color. Getting a gloss of the darker red is not an option (as it looks pretty bad)

That side panel though! Nice work on that, did you use a dremel or an angle grinder?
As for the panels I think they look a little dull. Just my opinion ;)
You could make an outline in gold around the USBs and the power switch.
Great work so far!