Project : I AM IRON MAN

So It's time for my annual build. I actually got started a couple of weeks ago, but now that I have enough content it's time to post.

The theme of this build is Iron man as you can guess. Here we can see victim.

This build will be based on the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv MAtx build for 2 reasons. Reason one, the Full ATX version of the case is huge, and this case will have to come with me when I travel. Reason 2 is the Mini ITX version of the case is made out of Steel.

First Step is to strip all that sweet sweet aluminium off the case. The easy panels came off first.

Now the Feet, You have to remove the rubber as well.

Hinges and window removed

Hinges and buttons removed

Finally got the last 2 panels stripped down as well. The whole case is just covered in this super solid Aluminium.

Packages started arriving soon after. Corsair 850i Platinum fully modular power supply. Gotta love Dat Power.

Mounted... Reservoir has come to play as well!

I skipped a few steps for this, but I added 2 bulkheads to the case that will pass through liquid to the pump, which will be mounted below the floor of the case.

Test fitting the radiators... I don't have the final fans at this point, but I want to keep working. I love the look of the cherry red rads with the gold fittings... because you know... Iron Man...

Pass through and a sneak peek of the plexi floor that's roughed out...

Better view of the rough floor. Time to round it out.

A little blurry, but it's too late to go back and re-take it.

This fricking bend took 4 pieces of tubing, my wife's assistance, slightly burnt fingers, and a pair of vicegrips to get in place... Totally worth it.

Slightly blurry shot of the front fans... EK Vardar fans will be on all 4 slots controlled by a PWM header on the motherboard.

And an even blurrier shot of the top rad. (I need to stop working late into the night if I'm going to take photos)

Testing Pump location. Looks like it's going to fit. I just need to get some new parts and do something about that cable...

Pump disassembled for parts that are in the mail...

So future plans... All that Aluminium was stripped off for a reason. It's all off at the Anodizer's place. When it comes back it's going to be a very different color. I have new parts for the pump coming, scheduled to arrive today, as well as a few more parts. This whole build will be liquid cooled, and will be running on Skylake with a 980Ti.

Thanks for checking it out and I love to hear comments.


Looking good, like the colour on the radiators.

Plus that pipe bend is brilliant!

Keep us posted.

The build looks great so far. The color combo with the radiators and fittings looks great for the "iron man" theme.

Just going to throw this out there. Going red would fit the Iron Man theme more than going green and blue. Maybe a Fiji and Zen build? ;) (Of course Zen isn't out yet and AMD doesn't have cpus high end enough right now for a build like this.)

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the build looks amazing. i do recommend you play this song as you're building lol


Haha... Part of this build is to replace my Air 540 since it tends to be a bit... Loud... Hence the Vardars, isolated pump area etc. Coil whine on the Fury would totally kill the satisfaction of the build for me.

I'm not going to lie, I actually did have that on my playlist while I was painting. These photos are a couple days behind actual progress since I like to make larger posts usually.

Just a short update today. I got the bottom plumbing done along with installing the new parts for the pump. I elected to use soft tubing to make maintenance easier as I can remove the pump with much less hassle than I could with hard tubes.

View from the side

View from the front.

The soft tubing won't be seen since the new floor of the case will be opaque.

Speaking of the new floor of the case. It's coming along nicely.

I keyed the plexi so the paint would stick nicely

I then started applying the base color for the floor. You'll see where I'm going with this soon... but for now I'll leave you an in progress shot.


Awesome man! This is what I love to see!

Keep us updated!

Thanks, I'm trying to source Custom PSU cables for this build, it's harder than you would think.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this build, props dude

Looks good so far. I cant wait to see what it will look like in the end! Keep us posted!

Try Cable Mod or Sanctum Sleeving they can probably help you out.

Icemodz is really good place to look for custom cables. I ordered from there and the quality is amazing.

I'm working with Hexagon PC at the moment. He's willing to make the stupid goofy cables and lengths I need for this build, I'm just waiting for an invoice from them since I can't place the custom order I want through the web page.

Just got these pics from the Anodizing place... Can't wait to pick the parts up Saturday!


That looks amazing! What did it cost for all the parts to be anodized?

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The case looks awesome. Cant wait for some more photos!

It was $75 for the whole process including stripping off the anodization that Phanteks did.

That price might be Skewed because I had my dad take it to work and do it, as opposed to having a shop do it without an inside man.

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That is clearly worth it! Keep the updates coming!