Programs I want to get working in Wine

There are two things that are keeping me dual booting with windows, Curse and Smite (I know i have said this before), but it shouldn't be too hard to get them to work in wine, right?
Curse Voice, is just a voice chat client, and I'm not even sure if the program won't work, its just the installer that crashes. Smite, the installer works but the "Hi-rez authenticator service" doesn't work which is required for the launcher to launch.
I am not good with scripts or runtime environments, or anything so the best I can do is try it in wine, and if it doesn't work, come here and see if anybody knows what I could do to get these working in wine. Curse voice seems feasible, smite is a bit of a reach, but I would really appreciate if somebody could put in the time to try and get these working.

There is a site that answers all your wine related questions, you can see what other peoples did to install their software, what tricks they had to use.
And as a general fact, good Linux projects have good documentation, it has been made by volunteers, for the benefit of all. Use it.

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smite has a garbage ratings for the reasons i listed above and curse voice isn't listed. i asked people here because I thought that somebody might have some ideas on how to get them working.

If it's not there, it's nowhere :D

Seriously though, if it's not on wine appdb, they are really slim chances that someone will have the answer to your question elsewhere. All the "hardcore" wine users and the developers are in the appdb and are trying to work together to solve all problems they can find in this centralized place.

You'll have to wait for a new version :/ or set up a VM, with hardware access, hard to do, but not impossible. Some people in the forum have done it and other people on the Internet too.
If you want to get into this adventure, you could ask @Zoltan who is part of this niche, or do your own research...

There isn't much you can do if you don't want to jump into the wine source code.

i'D love to, but I have no idea how

You could try downloading the Crossover Wine trial and testing smite. Some games works better in Crossover Wine than in Wine.

Crossover is just wine + patches that includes the best wine appdb fixes.
If it's not on the wine appdb, it's nowhere...

I know. However, Crossover have scripts that might make the install work more flawlessly than wiith PlayOnLinux. Doesn't hurt to give it a shot. I ran Chivalry in Crossover before it got a port. I couldn't get it to work at all in Wine and PlayOnLinux.