Programming tools? I feel like im going to be shot down?

So I plan to fill up a lot of my free time, one with youtube, rest with programming, but what tools do you use, more so for python, C etc? I have Visual studio (Hides behind a wall) and yet I feel that its the wrong program, I have the python tools installed, but is there something better?

Everyone has their own opinion on IDE. Some people even use an advanced text editor and separate compiler. VS is good enough but there will probably be plenty of people to offer you other recommendations.

Well i havent really used many IDEs or Compilers, I have used both Dreamweaver and Notepad++ for web, but never done Python, I used VS for VB in college, so I dont really know many programs for it.

For Python: if you want to look really good in front of the ladies, try Vim (or GVim for graphical mode). Works only on ladies that are into nerds though.

If you want a beautiful multi-purpose text editor, that works on all the major operating systems and supports basically every language (as far as code highlighting / indentation), look into Sublime Text 2:



I do like the look of sublime text, Although I think VS still looks better and I plan to use with C or C++ if I decide to do them.

Although I am still using Code Academy to get the basics down, I shall use Sublime afterwards :) and maybe a bit of VS :) 

I still use Vim occasionally, I spent years using Vim for everything, but nowadays I use Eclipse mostly. For Python the Eclipse plug-in is called PyDev, and it works great.

I use, almost exclusively, Sublime Text, plus whatever compiler/linker I need for what I'm working on, which is usually just G++ for my current projects. I'm not a fan of IDEs, both for memory usage and aesthetics.

If you're doing python notepad++ is good. Notepat++ is good for just about anything... I haven't done much python (i should though) but if I did I would definitely check this out.

still unsure, I like my tools to look nice, although sublime VS and NinjaIDE all look superb to me, I do prefer the minimal styling of VS, is there any themes for the other tools? 

I use Sublime text 2 for everything except for python, and I recently switched from NinjaIDE to pycharm for python.

I develop in Java and my favorite IDE is Eclipse, there's also a version for C.

I can recommend the products made by JetBrains. I use their Java-IDE (IntelliJ IDEA) at work on a daily basis and it is amazing. They also have IDEs for Python, Ruby, PHP and Objective-C, among other development related products (Issue Tracker, Continuos Integration platform, ...).

You can use some of their products for free, however, you usually have to meet some kind of requirement. In case of PyCharm they provide a feature-complete professional edition, which is free for open-source projects and in any case you can test for 30-days before paying, along with a feature-reduces community edition, which is always free.

Check it out and see if you like it.

notepad++ and console2

I think visual studio is pretty decent. As far as compiling goes, it tends to point me in the right direction when I get an error that isn't some kind of runtime error. That said, that could just be because I've gotten used to it. 

When I'm doing anything outside of Visual Studio, though, I tend to use Sublime Text. It's free, and feels quite amazing to me. the only thing that might bother you is the little popup that appears after every however many saves (feels like 30 or so, I'm not sure) that thanks you and urges you to upgrade. Honestly, though, that is so little of a problem for me that it doesn't matter. I used to use notepad++, but I got tired of it really quickly. Not totally sure why, but after spending 6 or 7 hours straight coding, the look of it started to really hurt my eyes. I don't have that problem with Sublime Text or Visual Studio. If your going with something other than VS, I'd suggest sublime. I've used it for quite awhile, and haven't had any problems. 

Editor: Emacs, with a few addons to make it my own.

Compiler: I prefer clang/llvm for the better error messages, but gcc is fine as well and generally available for a ton of platforms.

Build System: I probably should learn something like cmake one of these days, but right now gmake and bmake cut it for all of my personal needs. I usually just throw together a minimal Makefile for C/C++ projects. Pkg-config can be when pulling in libraries.

Documentation: I try to write Doxygen-style comments wherever I'm coding something larger than one or two files, and sometimes even in the smaller projects just for the practice.

License: I've been slapping the Apache license on a lot of my work, because it is easy to use and pretty much lets you do whatever you want with my code, just give me credit somehow.


Oh, and the obligatory XKCD.

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I find a text editor with highlighting and a command prompt are all you need. 

Geany is my favorite. It has all of the features of sublime text, but it's Free. 

Sublime text 2 is just awesome. I use python as well, and i only found sublime text after logan used it on the tek for a while. Thank you logan :P

idk, my scool's csci department uses eclipse on all the lab computers (running fedora)

Eclipse has my heart for now.

Until another IDE comes along which has realistic and reliable auto complete based on the class being referenced, Eclipse shall remain superior to me. Not to say that Eclipse is best for all languages. You sure as hell can't write in HTML and CSS in it like you can Notepad++. But Eclipse is good for quite a bit. Not to mention you can write your own plugins easily for it. So if there isn't something you want in it, you can just make it and share it. 

idk about c or c++ but having a program like notepadd++ or sublimetext is just really nice for misilanious stuff, as a default program for text files the syntax highlighting is nice.... you could even use those soley for prohrgramming.

also vim is good. the keybindings anre handy