Programming Resources and Tutorials

Hey all, not too long ago we had a few threads going related to decent web coding resources.  I figured there are some of us out there who may want suggestions for decent tutorials, books, etc related to a wider variety of languages.

Hardware, boolean logic, assembly, and operating systems: Elements of Computing Systems (comes with various emulators for you to get your hands dirty.)

C, Python, Ruby, Command Line Shell Scripting, Regular Expressions (Regex), and SQL: Learn Code The Hard Way (all available for free in html format.  The 'C' book had perhaps the most concise and understandable description of pointers I've come across).

Pretty much anything web-related, including server-side stuff: W3Schools

Also, a personal interjection/advice to those of you just starting out: avoid IDE's (netbeans, eclipse, etc) if you can, try to do as much as possible in a text editor (Notepad++, gedit, etc).

first off, if anyone here is learning C / c++ and has any questions, feel free to ask me.  <--- there is a HUGE ammount of e-books to get you started.

for c / c++ programming, i suggest getting code::blocks with minGW if you do, the only part that might be confusing is the first time you start it up, it will ask to choose the defult compiler. make SURE you click mingw and press set as defult.

That link is insanely awesome, thanks! 

Let's see if I can finally understand Turing Machines and decidability and all that >.<

Also, a good list of web cheat sheets:

It has HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, ASP, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Unicode, and XML.  It's more of a quick-reference for people who already know the basics.

In my opinion, the best compiler for a large project is MS VC++, nice IDE, formats things nicely and debugs very quickly.

Best portable C++ compiler is Dev-C++, I use that between school and home, it's great because it doesn't need installing.

I tried using code::blocks once, it got me confused because I downloaded an IDE without a compiler! has a great list of free books/resources for many languages (similar to ztrain's link).

that is hilarious

Thank You so much this has been really helpfull!!

For the complete noob it might be best to start easy with or is a good place to start. There are tons of YouTube videos as well. I also have begun my own c++ and HTML tutorials on my blog and as videos.  or

For a good place to learn Javascript and Ruby check out!/exercises/0 

Also, has a lot of tutorials on various topics, more than just coding.