Programming Questions

Hey this is my first post, and i am looking to get more into programming ive done some stuff with small basic and a bit of html with dreamweaver. What could i do next to learn more? as i dont know much...

I started with Javascript and I found that was easy enough to teach myself most of the basic concepts and logical progression. From that point I started learning real languages like C# and Java.

I'd reccomend Javascript to you especially because you say you have some html experience and it's easy to debug with Dreamweaver and very simple to test. It might be worth looking around for some guides or something for it and see how you go.

I would sudgest doing some basic programming with some languages and find which one you like the most and get a book on it. Thats what I am doing I orded a book on lua I like lua because its lightweight and fast.

Well, as a very first, you could try HTML 5. After you have made a few advanced websites, you could integrate Javascript into them, all the while gaining more experience with a real programming language. After Javascript, you should start a full-fledged language. Personally, I love C++, but it was a bad idea to start on it. Don't start on Java; it shields you from what is really going on. If you really want to learn how to program - as in learning what is actually going on with the registers, memory pushing/popping, etc. - you would start with C. However, if you want modern applications for GUI uses, etc., a language like C# (on Windows) which is good for networking, but doesn't work very well on Linux, Java if you want portability, but sacrificed performance/speed (everything goes through the JVM), or C++ if you're up for a challenge.

thanks alot guys! really love this forum very helpful stuff here!

I myself, started with java as well. It's a good little building block to start off with for sure. But, everyone's opinions are different on what you should start with.

maybe this will help!?

It really depends on what language you want to start with, and that sort of depends on what you plan to program. But either way I would check out and check out what's there. The guy who runs the site has made a ton of video turorials ranging from HTML to Java.