Programming Budget laptop

I am looking for a laptop that will handle app and webdesign for around 250 to 400 dollar budget and i was wondering if i could get recommendation or what specs i should look for

do you mind getting a used one on amazon you will get a better deal if not i would recommend this quad core laptop fome amazon it is good and fast but tell me if you want to go used

its not a bad deal but my question is how well is the build quality of the keyboard

That thing has an incredibly low end CPU. I would recommend that you go with at least a quad core if you pick up an AMD based machine.

I'm sorry i should have said i also would want something at least 15 inch screen

This dell has an I5 and is about $470 

very very good i have this laptop my self and yes it is fast and vary good for what you would want to use it for because it is what i use it for every day. 


Anything should work for programming.  Doesn't really require much tbh.  Heck, my friend even programs on his Raspberry Pi(getting kinda slow, though).