Program to view ext4 drives?

Hey guys, looking for a program to view ext4 drives in windows.  I recently had a laptop that died, but the HDD is fine, the only issue is that it was running manjaro linux (formatted to ext4).  I had around 80gb of music I'd like to get back, along with some bookmarks, etc.

I've seen a few suggestions, such as ext2fsd and DiskInternals, and figured I'd run it through here before I start spending all sorts of time on something that might not work.

I believe that application you have been suggested will work fine. But here are some more suggestions from this guy:

Just boot Linux from a flash drive, copy the data and be happy. Should be even faster than doing so on Windows.

ext2fsd is great.

For booting from the flash drive, the only live boot I have lying around is a copy of tails linux, would that work for moving the files, or would I need a more "fleshed out" linux flavor?

That's more than enough.

Awesome, live boot worked.  Thanks guys!