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Program requiring Admin privileges

so i work in an IT dept, and one of our users is complaining that his outlook is requiring admin credentials. upon further examination i have concluded that outlook is going to be the death of me. The executable is NOT set to run as admin, nothing is telling the exe to run as admin but for some reason UAC still asking for admin. ive reinstalled, deleted appdata, and give the user admin rights just to test and it still pops the admin prompt.

Check for add-ins. Disable all the add-ins then start them back up again one by one.

Is it possible that something is doing malicious stuff involving Outlook?

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more than likely no.

i dont see any addons but i will double check.

oh look a new symptom,

yesterday i added our helpdesk user group to the local machine admin groups and it disappeared over night after restart.

…so thats a thing