Program for showing progress of Linux coreutils commands (dd, sed, cp, cat...)


Just wanted to share a tool I found that shows the progress of running coreutils basic commands (cp, mv, dd, tar, gzip/gunzip, cat, sed etc.) in percentage with time remaining, even on already running commands!

To install just follow the instructions (git clone, make && make install).
If it fails to build, you have to install 'libncurses5-dev' or 'ncurses-devel'.

Needs sudo to operate, will show program not found if not using sudo/root.

Example usage

check sed progress
sudo progress -wm sed

check cat by PID (use pidof cat to get the PID, 1547 is an example, your PID will differ)
sudo progress -wmp 1547

for more info you can man progress to view the detailed manual

It installs into /usr/local/bin it looks like, you shouldn't need sudo to use it. Can you do a which progress and whereis progress? I'm going to see if I can get it installed, it is incredibly useful!

EDIT: That was easy. Can confirm, does not require sudo... Check your $PATH, it does indeed install to /usr/local/bin.

thank you so much I love it
needs sudo to work right

It's a bit finnicky. On arch it works fine, no sudo required, on debian sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, or it doesn't identify the process and you need to use the pid flag.

It's easier just to always use sudo :)

Also be aware that the order of the option flags is important, eg progress -cw sed says invalid argument while progress -wc sed works fine.

Another tip, to constantly monitor the process, find a command that works and then add watch in front

watch progress -wc sed