Prodigy M build for editing and 3D. AUD $2500

So I've been wanting to build an editing rig for a while; this will be my first desktop build and I am looking at keeping this for 3-5 years before the need to upgrade components or system.

My budget is AUD $2,500.00.

I'm looking at running 2x 24" Dell IPS Monitors 1920x1200, possibly these.

Note that the monitors are excluded from the AUD $2,500.00 budget and will be a purchased a month after the build.

I don't really play many games; this will solely be used for the following software:

  • Photoshop CS6
  • After Effects CS6
  • Premiere CS6
  • Speedgrade CS6
  • Prelude CS6
  • Maya 2012
  • 3DS Max 2012
  • ZBrush


  • Vue xStream
  • Realflow
  • NukeX

I've been discussing the build with some of my mates and this is the parts list that we've compiled so far. 

So far there's debate on the PSU wattage; some say 600w will suffice, others say that 850w is needed.

Could anyone please input some clarity here?

I'm also in need of a WiFi adaptor of some sort; again, there's debate on what to get - Does anyone vare to recommend something?

I'm going to start with 16GB RAM and then add an additional 16GB a few months after the initial build along with add an additional 2TB HDD.

There's also debate of the cooling; to go full-fledged watercooling or just CPU watercooling.

I don't know if or how far I plan to Overclock; this will have to have some playing with to see how it affects the render times.

There's also debate over the 780 vs 780ti - From what I'm seeing, the 780ti is a worthy investment.


There's also debate of the 4770k vs 4820k - Not only is the 4820k slightly cheaper, but the extra l3 cache will be handy for rendering.


I'm wanting an mATX build and really like the form-factor and aesthetics of the Prodigy M.

I'd honestly rather not change the case, but may be willing to consider it if there's something that fits the bill well enough.

I'm aware of its heat issues once it becomes more full, but could a full watercooling system help that out; that is, if a full watercooling system will actually fit into the system given that I intend to eventually add additional RAM and storage space.

I should also note that I plan on running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.



i7 4820 and a z87 motherboard doesn't work. pretty sure there aren't socket 2011 mini itx motherboards so you need a i7 4770(k) or a xeon 12**v3

prodogy is a huge case btw.

Well that answers that question!

I'll swap it for a 4770k.

Note that this is a mATX build of the Prodigy M.

you could definitely shave some cash off the build for cheaper memory and PSU... I doubt you'd need more than 600w on your PSU and vengeance pro RAM, while excellent RAM, is quite expensive... go for DDR3-1600+ 1.5v with 9 CAS from GSkill, Corsair, Mushkin, Kingston, Crucial, or Samsung... whatever's cheapest...

I prefer Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, and Fractal Design PSUs... there's other companys that make good PSUs, it's just my recommendation... Seasonic and XFX of the 4 would be my top 2... look for 600-750w, whatevers cheapest (ignore the builder line from Corsair... not a huge fan of the CX line either, but it isn't distasteful... the TX line is golden)

Everything else looks good enough...