Processor to computer Amd 9590? Intel?

hey i have had lot of problems with my CPU and I've decided that I should buy a new CPU and a new motherboard . And I looked a bit around on CPUs and I dreaded a little too AMD FX - 9590 but do not know if it's worth getting to AM3 + but is so old socket now what is your opinion on this? Work a lot with movie and 3d and play a lot to . Luke Ps. used Google Translate

From Sweden


AMD makes sense if you want something that will do the job for little money. It's simply not worth to get their FX-9*** because those are just overclocked 8350s, and instead of spending money on one, a high-end motherboard, powerful PSU and a cooling system, you are going to get better value for your money with an i5/i7.

Instead, get an AMD 970 board with an FX 8370.