Processor Help!

Hi i currently have an AMD phhenom II 965 BE and want to upgrade... Whats the best processor for gaming/ video editing (AMD way only ) im willing to spend 250$

I would grab a phenom 2 x6 1100t . Or a FX8150 but the phenom is a better bang for your buck but the 8150 is future proof...but the x6 would work in your current board 

Honestly you won't see too much difference no matter where you go AMD side right now. Save up for piledriver or to jump to Intel.

thanks guys


Have you looked at over clocking? I have a 955 on one of my computers with a good air cooler and it is overclocked well. A cheaper alternative to switching to Intel. 

Yea, I would wait for Piledriver. lol. I have a Phenom II x6 1600T overclocked like hell. lol.