Processing power


Im trying to build a new desktop, but im new to this world so i will need some help to choose my hardware,


im build a pc to run complex algorithms using the CPU power, so i have no need for a good graphic card,

4gb ram will be enough, my real problem is what CPU to choose and what motherboard.

im living in Portugal (Euros, €), i would prefer buy from ""

i allready have all the peripherals.


thanks for any help you can give :), and sorry for my bad english.


Edit1: Budget 300-400€

If you could specify what kind of program/algorithms exactly you are going to run on this that would be great, or at least tell us if it can handle multiple threads and thus cores. Other uses besides this program? Pixmania isn't exactly ideal. If you have parts doa you're in trouble because the after-sales suck. Also, it isn't very pc-centered and they don't provide an extensive range of parts. Do you know of another local vendor or vendor that ships to you?

its a algorithm to generate Euromilhoes Keys, and yes it will handle multithreads.

it will only be used for this.

I don't know any of these sellers so use one that gets good reviews and has the parts you need. I would recommend going with an amd am3+ fx8350 cpu. Lots of cores, oc'able and very cheap. For a motherboard. If you want it to be stable just pick up one from a reputable brand(gigabyte, asus,...) compatible with the cpu with a 890fx chipset or up.