Problems with Windows 7

  I recently built a new PC everything went fine Windows installed properly, but when it came time to do Windows update I keep getting the same error and it tells me to try again. I am connected to the wifi so I don't know what the problem is. Windows explorer won't work either I can't get chrome due to it saying "page cannot be displayed." Some help would be great! Thank you

Sadly were not psychic we actually need the error you were getting to help you.

can you connect your computer with a cable to your modem?
looks to me an issue with your wifi connection.

That's what I was suspecting, but I can't give the specific error until later around 7 central time

Well I was about to give some generic response but you said its a new self built pc, therefore the windows installed would be without drivers. You have two options:
Option A: Use the disc that came with your motherboard to install the proper drivers for an internet connection (not recommended)
Option B: Go to the motherboard manufacturers site on a working computer, download the appropriate drivers, put them on a USB, install them, and go from there (recommended)
If you already installed the drivers then theres a few other ideas that I had.

OK thanks I'll try that too

Problem was my connection, my router is messed up getting it fixed Thursday.

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Yeah thought so ☺

Now I have a connection and it is still saying "internet explorer cannot display page"

i think the problem is with your modem / router then probably.
Maybe reset that.

Also Internet explorer is kinda garbage, so i would recommend to use a diffrent browser like mozilla firefox or what not.

Change your dns to google's public dns,
can you ping anything?
does windows say it's connected to the internet in network and sharing center?

Hey guys funny story it took me 4 hours to figure this out after the wifi guy left and it still didnt work. It was my wireless mouse the whole time! As soon as I unplugged it the internet was working perfectly. Sorry for my noob ignorance. Might I add I felt like a huge dumb ass.