Problems With Qarl’s texture pack III

Sorry, I double-posted. :)

I am have a problem trying to get the “Qarl’s texture pack III” to work on Oblivion IV, and it is driving me CRAZY. In the past, I have managed to make this pack to work flawlessly, but after a catastrophic failure with a mod and spending hours trying to figure out how to fix it, I decided to uninstall everything. I downloaded the “Full Pack” that only used 1 OMOD file (compared to the 11 parts from the NEXUS). After waiting 3 hours for the 1.7Gb file to finish downloading, I ran OBMM and selected the OMOD file. After that I ran Archive Invalidation (with BSA Alteration and all of the necessary boxes checked as written in the README.txt file) and closed out. When I started up Oblivion, there was no noticeable change in the way things looked. What happened and how do I fix this?

I have all of the patches installed.

I'm not sure what the problem is your having but there is a different pack that you can try for QTP3.

Qarls Texture Pack III Redimized (reduced and optimized), its roughly the same visual quality but the modders put every single file through a vigorous hand done optimization so it wouldn't tax as much as the normal QTP3.

Its 1.3GB and I use it (didn't do an Omod, just put the textures into my oblivion files).

I know this is probably a long shot tho but make sure you check if when you start oblivion in the Data Files option on the menu see if there is anything to tick off (that the omod might have created and not turned on).

Id be no really help with this but google and youtube are always your friend.