Problems with new graphics card - need help!

I recently installed a XFX Radeon HD 4870 XXX edition and when playing games the screen flashes (especially on menus) and also does it when I watch full screen movies. The flashes are barely noticeable but enough to annoy me. I've been looking for a solution to the problem for a long time but the only conclusion I can come to is that I have a faulty card. I've updated the drivers and can't get anything for it more up to date. I would like help as to what it could be as I can't find the answer anywhere :(

My spec is:

AMD Athlon X2 6000+ Black Edition Dual-core processor @ 3.3GHz

4GB of Samsung 800MHz DDR2 RAM

1TB Samsung SpinPoint hard drive

800W PSU

XFX Radeon HD 4870 XXX Edition

and the cd/dvd drives are random ones but they dont matter anyway

Is it overclocked?

Run an Atitest on it (checks for artifacts etc)

It might be as you say faulty.

sounded like vsync at first... but then it sounded like heat...

how high is the clock on the XXX edition and how hot is it?

XFX. Theres yer problem. If its a faulty card you can expect a 2-9 week wait for a hello from a service rep.

i put the fan speed up so when i am not really using it, it is at about 41 degrees Celsius. And im not sure how much its overclocked by but memory clock runs at 950MHz GPU Clock runs at 775MHz and i have VSync enabled on my games.

And whats wrong with XFX? Are they not a good company?

well first of all you must see some of the threads here about XFX.

But what I think your problem is, is your drivers which version are you using?

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Skump wrote 15 minutes ago »

XFX. Theres yer problem. If its a faulty card you can expect a 2-9 week wait for a hello from a service rep.

Bullshit, everytime I make a support ticket there, I get answer within 24hr.

Maybe because... Europe XFX> USA XFX

I'm using the latest drivers which are

2D driver version:

Open3D version:

I didnt really know which ones to write lol

you can download the latest drivers from ATI at their website I recommend doing that

i have the latest ones

i have been to the amd site and installed the latest drivers

maybe i should send it back and get a replacement?

i would do that.

If you dont want trouble with xfx support, just contact the store you bought it from. Much easier.

i think thats the best thing to try

thanks for all the help

Youre welcome, hope you will stay on the forum as an active member :D

but no one will like me because i am a noob and my posts will be meaningless




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