Problems with multimonitor and game on 1 monitor

i have 2 monitors, when i play some games Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim to name the last few i played, they like to let the mouse go to the monitor that has a video/podcast playing and not on the game. this causes me to click off of the game when i try to attack and messes with me actually playing the game. 

i have been just disabling the 2nd monitor, but it is a pain to disable and re-enable everytime i want to play.  Also i like to watch the videos while playing open world games (like skyrim and FalloutNV). 


How do i lock the mouse to the game while i am playing the game, and keep it from 'wondering' off of the game?



I think you are doing something wrong because I always play games with two monitors connected and my mouse never wanders off the game window (I always use either windowed or borderless just because switching from fullscreen takes forever).

Seems to depend on the gane. Most I play locks it to the window but a few like XCOM and MOBAs don't. For me S.T.A.L.K.E.R. does not lock the mouse to window so I end up clicking to shoot and all tabbing.

In general full screen games lock the mouse, windowed games don't. But there are exceptions. Look around d for a fix.

found something that works, although sometime the mouse does break on to the other screen and get stuck there, then i had to hit the hot key to allow it to move back to screen 1.  this only happened twice in about 30 minutes and did not happen again while i was playing for 30 more minutes, which is a major improvement from every 20seconds. 

Nice find, I will press this into action when I play the games with issues again. Thanks.