Problems with me build

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB i install it on my z77 asrock extrem4 and was runing at 1600 and its 2133 how can u guy help me with that i saw something i the bios about it but i didnt want to touch it because some in a review try to chaning it and he couldnt boot into windows but hi had a different motherboard. 

im having probleam downloading the driver for the motherboard( at the moment im using a hdd from my laptop that had windows on it because i dont have the disc and i dont have a cd rom)


Turn on xmp or manually set all the timmings and speed to the specs on the ram and for the drivers download them from another computer and put them on a usb drive

can u fit a h100 in a r4?

Define R4? Yes sir, but it is a very tight fit check it out:

u guys think that when the shiftech h220 comes out will be able to fit?


can some one help me with a mod im trying to do?

im trying to do a all clear side panel.