Problems with GPU

I installed the NZXT G10 w/ corsair h55 today on my XFX 7950, I also installed vrm cooling and vram cooling (small copper heatsinks), and nothing seems to be overheating (using a laser that reads heat off a surface), and the problem is when I boot my screen looks like this(i went into bios to have more time for picture but it looks like this everywhere):

and after it throws up the windows 8 boot logo the screen turns black and nothing is shown.

CPU: i5-2500k
MOBO: gigabyte p67-ud7
OS: Windows 8.1 x64 on 500gb corsair 850 evo

Thanks for any help, and feel free to ask for more info if you need it!

I don't know too much about this stuff, just make sure you didn't break anything on the GPU or there is no metal touching any part of the card from the new cooler that it shouldn't be touching. Those are the only things I could think of.

Make sure you used non-electrical conductive thermal paste and double check to ensure your heatsinks aren't shorting anything out. Do those artifacts on your screen stay there when you boot into your OS?

It doesn't boot into OS, it shows the windows 8.1 boot logo, and then goes to a black screen and never goes into windows

Definitely seems like something happened to the GPU. Even if you did everything right it could have been stress on the card or static.

so its probably unfixable? :/

Before you give up on it, take it all apart, clean everything really good and reassemble your GPU with the cooling solution again. Ensure you use only non-electrical conductive thermal paste and pads. Also clean all the contacts with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

doing that now! Arctic silver 5 is non-conductive correct?

Pink stripes are the sign of either failing/damaged VRAM, or the phase pertaining to VRAM power delivery is unstable or damaged. It could be fixable, but not by home remedy. You would need to check the VRM with a multimeter and cross reference the outputs to factory spec for each component. Replace the components that are causing the instability, then test again. That's assuming that the VRAM itself is still fine.

Looking at the website, it says that it's not electrically conductive, however you should avoid letting it get on electrical traces.

YOU ARE THE MAN! I just got done removing all my copper heatsinks, and put on the old vrm heatsink (small aluminum piece, and lots of coil whine in some loading screens being the reason i wanted to change it), and it works! I'll still have coil whine, but who cares, my GPU still works!! Thank you!!

Can't really see what was going on without being there, but I'm guessing something was shorting out a VRAM contact