Problems running Games on new PC

I just bought my new PC everything is running fine apart from when I try to run Crysis 3 beta or Planetside 2 I crash! I've tryed installing all the latest motherboard drivers. I switched from HDMI to DVI which didn't help. I also rolled back the latest drivers for my 660 ti to no avail I ran Prime95 for like 2 hours with no problems (might run it overnight if problem persists). I run Minecraft(only game I can run) @ 130fps which is pretty slow considering my specs. I also haven't overclocked anything. If you want my full specs they are here

I just want to play my games :(

Are those games installed on your SSD, and does your computer only crash while playing those games? Maybe it's a RAM problem? I was thinking maybe your GPU was overheating or something, but there should definitely be enough airflow in the C70.

Yeah all the games are on the ssd and the GPU temps are fine

Try running memtest. If there are no errors, then it's not your ram. The only other thing that might be an issue is a bad SSD.

Try booting with one stick at a time, or just use memtest like Vortex said. Graphics card sounds fine, and windows is (apparently) running fine, so your SSD might have dieded.