Problems Occurring When Trying To Boot

Alright... So about two weeks ago My CPU cooler was making a high pitched sound, And eventually the Fan stopped spinning, This gave me the excuse to buy a new CPU cooler, SO i did, And it arrived yesterday, So i installed  my Noctua NH-U14S and plugged Charlotte in and turned her on... Nothing... The CPU fan was not spinning and the CPU LED on the board stayed lite, Meaning there is a problem in that area, I literally tried everything to try and fix the issue, Removed RAM, Put it back in, Plugged the CPU fan into EVERY SINGLE of the 5 Fan Headers, Still nothing... I even plugged in three other fans into those headers, Nothing... Made sure Everything was connected, Made sure everything was clean.

I do not know what to do anymore... and i do Not want to RMA my board if it is not necessary...

Does anyone have any solutions?

I have had bad luck with my computers for the past two years... I just want it to stop...

you allready have an active topic about you problem

No need to make a new one.

So Lock! Grtz Angel ☺