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Problems getting Receive side scaling (RSS) to work in SMB multichannel setup


Im using windows 10 pro to connect to a samba client. To get better performance I want to use multichannel.

Problem 1: By default a 10G and 1G link are associated with mutlichannel. The SMB client struggles with the speed difference and doesnt seem to be aware that one card is 10G capable:
Get-SmbMultichannelConnection | select -Property ClientLinkSpeed -> 1 000 000 000
However Get-SmbClientNetworkInterface shows 10G for same adapter.
Result is i get about 2*1gb links.
I’ve used SmbMultichannelConstraints as a workaround to only use one interface, however this doesnt seem like the nicest solution.

Problem 2: I want to use receive side scaling (RSS) to utilise multiple connections across cores.
Get-SmbClientNetworkInterface shows all available adapters as not RSS Capable while Get-NetAdapterRSS shows all adapters as RSS Capable. Receive side scaling is also enables in the device settings of the 10G card.
Is there some configuratin on the samba server needed to make the link utilise RSS? Im using samba Version 4.5.16-Debian.