Problem with Wi-Fi, please advise

So I have a ThinkPad X230 Tablet with Windows 10 Pro (64bit) using the Intel 6205 Wifi card and am having an odd issue. So at my school they have been screwing with the wifi networks including the guest network available to students. Over the last few days My X230T would connect but my iPod wouldn't (which was ok because I could run a hotspot through my laptop but now my iPod connects and my laptop connects but now my laptop says limited connection/no network access, and when I troubleshoot it says one or more protocals are missing. I have tried reinstalling the driver and a few other things with no affect. My wifi still works fine every where else including my home and work. Also I found that other people with laptops at my school are able to connect just fine. Your help would be appreciated.

Go into the windows wifi settings and forget the wifi network and then reconnect. That is enough to fix it a lot of the time :)

attempted to do so already, no results.

Any static IPs set by chance?

If not you can try this tool:

Saved my tail more then a few times.