Problem with USB ports (solved)

Hey everyone, I've recently (within the past few weeks) built my first system, but I've run into an issue. First of all, I'm running Windows 8.1 on an MSI 970A-643 MoBo, and recently I've come across an issue where my usb ports disconnect and reconnect, causing my wireless adapter to crash and my mouse to stop responding for about five seconds. I have everything connected to the I/O usb ports, an Edimax WiFi Antenna, a Razer Naga, a Gamescom Headset and a old Technika keyboard that I've had lying around for years. 

I've searched forums and installed the latest updates and drivers for my system, I've turned off power saving options for all my internal USB controllers, but nothing is fixing it. Oddly enough, this only seems to have started happening since I started installing Tera Online, and since I paused the download and exited the client, I haven't had the problem arise. 

Does anybody have any idea what's going on, or have a suggestion to fix this?

maybe try running it (tera) in win 7 compatibility mode.

I'm running it in compatibility mode now, I'm going to grab a coffee and see if it's all working when I get back, thanks for the suggestion!

Edit: So far this seems to have solved my problem, thank you! I'll have to bear in mind to try compatibility mode first from now on.