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Hi guys I've been around since the start of RTW but I haven't been writing that much on the forums. I have a problem with my PC and I don't know what is causing it so I'm hoping for some suggestions. First off when I try to shut down my PC by the power off button from the start menu my PC shuts down then turns back on. Ok I thought   that it was from the motherboard or the power supply. I changed the MB and the CPU (both second hand) but the problem continued. Well I said to myself that it's not a big deal after all I can turn off my pc from the power off button on the case or on the power supply. After that I replaced the GPU, power supply (corsair) and the case with new ones. The problem continued but after some time a new one arose. My PC turns off without any warning and of coarse it turns on again because of my previous problem. I reset the BIOS many times but it has no effect. Sometimes it can run for 2 days without turning off and sometimes it runs only for a few minutes. I suspected that something was overheating but I checked and neither the CPU nor the GPU have this problem. A guy told me that the LAN chip on the motherboard may be overheating. He told me that it was common and if that was the problem the only thing to do is to remove the chip and go on with a PCI lan card. So is there a program that can test the temperature on the LAN chip? Any other suggestions would be nice. 

Classic problem......have you reloaded your os in a while?   Try booting to a live cd and see if it does the same thing, first with the hard drive plugged in then without the hard drive plugged in.  Sounds to me as if your hard drive is about to give up the ghost.....It is the only thing you have not replaced.

It has shut off before I even enter windows.

Have you checked the motherboard standoffs inside the case? Sometimes an unused standoff would be the key suspect.

He has replaced everything but the hard drive, so either it is a programming glitch or the hard drive is failing....

If the hard drive is failing, the read/write speed will slow down or stop where it is at all of that sudden. Or worse, not being able to boot into the OS at all. This can be found out by doing a CHKDSK command on the Command Prompt. Intermittment resets could either be something overheating, bent CPU pin(s), various PSU issues (not enough power, failing components) or grounding problems (standoff placed incorrectly underneath the motherboard).

Which usually cause various startup and shut down problems, read his compleat post please, if everything but say the hard drive or the memory has already been replaced it must be one or the other of the not replaced parts to duplicate the exact same problem every time...., though memory does not usually cause a restart and shutdown problems at the same time, the drive can and in my experience is usually the problem.  Welcome to a technicians world.


It was just an info. It may not be related.

Use more common sense, also in the techie's world...

I bought another stick of memory some time ago and tried with it. It's not from the memory. 

Ah, I just realised now; from those wall of texts, you have changed everything but more problems arise. But you haven't done a clean installation of the OS, right? Or if you have another one handy, try use that with a fresh copy of an OS (obviously) just to make diagnosing easier.

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Haha my bad :D I don't remember when I installed a fresh copy of an OS (I think I've had this problem for a year now :D and I've been using my laptop) But how could be the OS when it sometimes shuts down even before entering windows?

I've had similar issues with a PC powering back on if you would press the power button on the tower to shutdown.

I think the issue was caused by a wiring issue or a short from the loose wire.

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It turns out the problem came from the BIOS as I suspected. They also said that the pins on some of the cables of the power supply were dislocated and couldn't make good contact... Personally I don't believe that because it's not the first PS that I've installed and of course its Corsair.