Problem with Nvidia 3 monitor setup

so  guy in my PC class was saying he had a problem with his triple monitor setup. Apparently he has 2 Nvidia cards in SLI (he didn't say what cards) hooked up to 3 monitors. 2 via DVI, 1 via HDMI. 

He said the monitor connected via HDMI has washed out colors, and that all 3 monitors have the same picture settings. He has tried:

-switching the monitors (still only effects the monitor connected via HDMI. once connected via DVI, that monitor is fine)

-changing HDMI cords (one connected via HDMI still has washed out colors)

-He even used his friend's PC, which is also using an Nvidia card, a 780, and his PC does the same thing with the HDMI when in triple monitor.

His cards only have 2 DVI and 1 HDMI. What could possibly be the problem? it is obviously NOT the monitors, nor the cord. he has updated the Nvidia drivers. is this common?



i have been running SLI on TVs, and Monitors, have not seen such a think before though...

IN theory, the DVI and HDMI video output is exactly the same, only difference is Audio, so it should not make any difference, i will test it, just to be sure tomorrow. But some of the color signal must get lost somewhere along the lines. 

acordning to him, it isn't the cable, it isn't the monitor, and the same thing happens on his friend's 780. so going by what he told the class, it sounds like an Nvidia software problem? idk, weird lol

Same picture? Hit windows + P and hit extend. Or go directly into the settings and change the screens individually. Remember surround and the amd equivalent require monitors of the same resolution. You can use different resolution screens just for multitasking but for gaming it wint work.

If he's using SLI, why doesn't he plug it into one of the DVI ports on the second card?

i have no experience with DVI, is that possible? in sli, can you use the outputs of the multiple video cards?

he is one of those young kids that thinks he knows everything about computers lol. he told my teacher that powerline adapters are crappy. long story short, i basically said his mom's house had crappy wiring, because i had my friend get a powerline adapter, and it works perfectly for him (his dad won't let him run an ethernet to his room from the room next door lol)

they are the same resolution.