Problem with newly built gaming rig

Alright so here's the story. I'm helping a buddy build a gaming rig and we've run into an issue that has us scratching our heads. I've built a few PC's in the past with no issues but this one stumped me. So we built the PC it went into POST and booted into the BIOS just fine. We install windows and all is good. Get done downloading drivers and such and all seems well. He installs runescape and goes to play it and then the machine turns off and won't turn back on. We then start the process of troubleshooting the rig but nothing seems to happen. All we get is power led on the mobo but no other indication of what could be wrong. Tried booting with one stick of ram in all configurations we could think of. His mobo didn't come with a speaker so I'm taking my rig over to help him test PSU and put my speaker on it to see if we can get some error codes. We called if for the night and I'm going back tomorrow to continue troubleshooting. Figured I'd post here and see if i could get some help on where to go from here. Anyway here the parts list:

i5 6600K
Asus z170-AR
16GB Corsair vengeance LPX 3000mhz
Corsair CX650M PSU
MSI GTX 1070 gaming X
Corsair 450D case

Any help would be much appreciated

I would start by swapping hard drives. or checking sata cables. I had a cable go bad and did the same thing your talking about.

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Interesting, I will definitely give that a try. My first thought was PSU but that would be a huge relief if it turned out to be a sata cable.

Make sure that the CPU is properly seated. and the 6pi is connecte3d as well. Checking the power supply is a must.

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strip it and start from the ground up. my last two issues have been PSU's. everything runs fine and 1 more devices makes it not boot. i only get high end psu'a now

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I'd get rid that of the CX650M. Builder Series power supplies are notorious for failure. You can find OEM Seasonic power supplies for the same price as that CX650, and they are a lot more reliable.

Dead PSU. Plugged my known good one in and it fired right up no problem.

does this apply to the cx600 series. b/c i've been having weird inexplicable shutdowns on my computer for a while and I have literally run through the entire troubleshooting checklist. If it matters, the 24 pin connector doesn't click in completely.

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check the reliability monitor in windows. something might turn up.

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Glad you figured it out!


Yeah those Corsair CX units arent that great indeed.

It applies to all CX series power supplies. At one time, they were manufactured by CWT. I am not certain if Corsair moved the CX series over to Seasonic, but I have had a few of them be DOA, and had one or two fail in a short period of time. I refuse to use them in new builds, or rebuilds where a power supply has failed.

Sadly they still exist because people think they are getting a reputable product for a cheap price.

Yep, recently had a corsair cx430 in an occasionally on htpc just die out of nowhere. Love their cases, but this psu was hardly ever used and it took way too much time to diagnose (same as OP). Who is making these for them so I can watch out for cross brands in the future?