Problem with integrated graphics

Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong subforum.

But here's my problem:
I had a radeon 4870 graphics card, everyone was fine, but I decided to sell it to get a 7850, but while I'm waiting for the 7850 I decided to use my integrated graphics.

So first off I uninstalled everything related to ATi from add/remove from control panel, second thing I did was use driver sweeper to delete all the ATi related drivers, so I rebooted my pc with only integrated graphics.

I went to AMD's site to download the newest drivers, installed them, and rebooted, but on login screen it BSOD'd, it rebooted and BSOD'd again, then after that I went to safemode and deleted all ATi graphics drivers again, and it booted into windows without the drivers.

So if I install the integrated graphics drivers the machine BSOD's, but I have no Idea what causes it.

System specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 635(not overclocked)


RAM:  2X A-data 4 GB sticks

PSU: Fortron BS 500W

OS: Win 7 64-bit home premium


If I'm missing any info, then tell me.

Download the driver given by your motherboard manufacturer and use that one 

(ATI System Drivers for 7xx/8xx/SB7xx/SB8xx Series (except RS690, 740)

Ok, i'll give them a try once they're done downloading and installing, i'll keep you updated.

The integrated graphics on the board are 3000-series ATI graphics I think.

They are not supported by AMD anymore, even though those boards are still sold.

I know this because the proprietary driver for Linux mentioned it with the last update.

So probably you'll need to download an older driver rather than a newer one.

What really bothers me too is that Windows automatically installs a graphics driver if I boot into windows, even in safe mode.

In safe mode it just installs a generic VESA driver I think, in any case you can boot in safe mode step by step and control the driver install to force it to use the generic VESA driver. You can also first disable the proprietary driver, then delete it, then restart windows without network connection, and it will only have the generic VESA driver to use the graphics card (when you get 1024*786 resultion, that's the generic VESA driver). Then you can install the driver you want by selecting a file instead of letting windows search for it online.

The one from MSI's site acts the same.

Zoltan, the driver it automatically installs is "AMD 760G (Microsoft Corporation WDDM 1.1)

It installs the same driver under safe mode.

One idea is that maybe there's some wrong setting in BIOS?

What I think the problem is, is that you can't really uninstall all Ati drivers through the normal windows GUI when the Ati card has already been removed, because the driver uninstall will go looking for the hardware. SInce you've sold it, you can't change that, but you can still remove the old drivers the hard way, by hacking the registry. It's not that hard to do, you just search for ATi, jump from search result to search result with F3, and delete the values that have anything to do with it, then you run Ccleaner to clean up the mess, and reboot, don't forget to first backup your registry. After reboot, I think the onboard graphics driver from the MSI site should work.


I think that is a motherboard driver not related to the graphics card, don't worry about that.

It was a BIOS related problem, or atleast that's what fixed it.

Under chipset features I changed UMA location from "Above" to "Below".

But thanks for helping to think along nonetheless.

Good to hear that it's fixed, I hope it stays fixed until you get the 7850, you'll be so happy with that card coming from a 4k-series!