Problem with Fans! (gtx 780 ftw acx)

My fans wont speed up when the temp increases. in precisionX it says its going up but it does not. at random moments the fans will speed up then go back to what i'm assuming 30-40% i tried re-installing all the drivers and made sure it wasn't loose in the pci-e slot. i have tried everything except another computer (since i don't have one). if anyone knows what might be wrong please help.

have you tried MSI afterburner? and also keep in mind that unless you force the fans to follow the fan curve they have a gradual speed up, but if the curve is very steep they will jump up in rpm suddenly to stay with the curve..

I have tried it and that did not work. and the problem isn't that it speeds up fast its that is doesn't speed up at all.

Even if you manually adjust the fan speed?

This might be an issue with the card not getting enough power to the fans, or the fans themselves having issues if you cannot manually force the fans to speed up.

Bios might be at fault; check if you are getting same thing on 2nd bios before you start messing deeper. If doesn't help, if you still have warranty i would rma.

You might have to send the card back for rma. I had the same issue with my gtx660 a couple months back and was not able to fix it on my own.

I'd reseat it, install drivers, uninstall the drivers and let windows decide, then if that fails send for an RMA.