Problem with daisy chaining switches with Xfinity router

I have an xfinity modem/router with two Ethernet ports that I have gigabit 8 port switches connected to each port. End devices have no problem with connectivity. If I plug another switch into one of those switches, the lights flash, the adapter says it is connected, but I get a message that the end device on the daisy chained switch has a self assigned IP address and can’t get on the internet. No devices on the daisy chained switch will get on the internet. Does the router limit something like this? Everything I have read has indicated that this should not be a problem.

It should work fine, there’s no hop indication in the Ethernet protocol, there’s no way for a router to possibly tell if there’s 1 switch between a router and a host, or a 1000 of them daisy chained.

As long as there’s only one possible path between any 2 devices (hosts, switches, or routers), and only a single ethernet cable connecting them (no possibility of direct/indirect loops or loops through hosts) it should just work.

Once in a while you run into a bad cable, a busted switch port, or a switch built using crappy components or a bad chipset. (probability reduces down this list).

It’s a little odd that the switch needs an IP address; the sort of switches used at home don’t usually require one. If these are simple switches, I would expect risk’s answer to apply. Would you tell us a little more about the “switches” in use?

In any case, it sounds as if the problem “switch” may be trying to get an IP addr via DHCP, but finding no DHCP server. Perhaps the Xfinity router is running a DHCP server that is working for the devices plugged into it, but those devices are not making it available to the problem device? Again, I would expect simple switches to pass DHCP requests & responses.

Just to clarify, the switch is not trying to get an address, just the device plugged into the switch. After seeing risk’s answer, I tried some more simple troubleshooting. I unplugged the port from my router that had the misbehaving switch connected. Upon plugging it back in, it all became active and functional. That’s another step I’ll have to remember…

Thanks all.