Problem with Asus K53S

Hello guys. I've had my laptop for almost 3 years and this problem started showing up about a month ago and I am looking for solutions to the problem.
So the problem is that while I am playing Aion ( MMORPG ) random buttons randomly press by themselves and some programs launch by themselves. At the beginning I thought it was the W button of the laptop keyboard, which got stuck a year ago, and since then I've been using a normal usb keyboard. There would be times when it would press itself and I would have to press it so that it would stop and I can continue doing whatever I was doing before. And because of this I thought that because of the W button, the whole keyboard of the laptop got bugged.
A week ago I got the inside of the keyboard cleaned and had the keyboard of the laptop disabled. But that didn't fix the problem.
These are the keys that press themselves: capslock, scroll lock, the sleep button, U, N, I, Y, S, T, Spacebar, alt + tab, and these are the only ones I can remember. And they are always the same which I think makes it stranger.
I thought that the problem might be the USB keyboard I am using and to test it I used some other USB keyboard, but the new one would just stop working.
Another reason for the problem that came to my mind was the heat that the diffrent hardware parts of the laptop generate, but I've been playing Aion for 3 years and this is not the 1st time I am getting high temperatures while playing Aion ( 75 degrees to be exact ).
I read somewhere that the problem could be a virus or some malware, so I did a scan for both and didn't find any virus or suspicious malware.
So if anyone has an idea what could be the problem I would really appreciate your help. At the moment I am thinking of formatting my drive and reinstalling windows and I hope that might fix things. But want to avoid formatting and reinstalling any kind of advice is appreciated.

Use Malware bytes to scan your pc

If that doesn’t find anything. try to uninstall it from Divice manager and restart your computer.

If that doen’t work you will have to awenser this trouble shooting question. Have you opened up your laptop to clean or change parts on it. If so you should check to make sure you the keyboard riben cable is proporly connected.

If you have never opened the insides of your laptop you should try to use the windows repair tools

A reinstall of the os may be needed if the repair tool can not fix missing files. sometimes this happens.

I had an acer that had random keyboard issues after I opened it and upgraded the ram and changed the keyboard. it worked fine until one day. It fixed its self after my windows 10 build was updated. It was a phantom hardware issue that lasted like a month but never came back after the os upgrade.